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09 June 2016 @ 04:57 pm
catching up (part 1)  
I’ve been pretty absent from KPOP because I had to take an intense exam earlier in this month. I had to cut off my time spent on YouTube and SNS because I was spending way too much time stalking KPOP and not enough time studying. And let me tell you this: abstaining from KPOP and all forms of social media is fucking hard. Why did I do that to myself? I felt like I was going crazy and I was constantly itching to reach towards my phone to see the latest Instagram posts and V-app videos. It was a horrible, horrible experience.

Now that my exam is over, I’ve been working hard to catch up on everything that I’ve missed (like seriously, being a fan should be a legit job. It’s tiring af. If only I was this dedicated in my studying…)

EXO comeback

It’s EXO. What else do I need to say? They are slaying everything and probably blew up a lot of ovaries with their unnecessary hip thrusts and badass-ness. Although, I will admit that I originally thought this comeback would turn out horribly because of the teaser images for Lucky One. My first thoughts when I saw those images were: why do they all look so derpy? WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE HIGH?? Now with a hindsight perspective, I think I understand the teaser images a bit better. I’m assuming they look “high” because they are held captive and being experimented on, which means they are probably injected with various chemicals and medications. Does this sound like a plausible explanation?

I’m glad that there weren’t any tragic looking hair styles in the MVs. The electrocuted and noodle hair styles from the MAMA era should be forever buried and never resurrected. Chanyeol’s red hair from the Overdose era is back and Kai has gone platinum blonde again. Both of the colours really suit them. The only member that is on the borderline of having a tragic hairstyle is D.O. I’m betting that D.O wanted to appear manlier (and be taken more seriously) and lose his squishy image by cutting his locks. But still, WHY DID THEY CUT IT SO SHORT AGAIN? WAEEEE? SM, I demand that you give him his fluffy bangs back!

Personally, I prefer Monster over Lucky One because the music style suits my taste better. I also thought the choreography was much more interesting (yes, I’m a sucker for fancy footwork). One of the reasons I like EXO over many of the other boy groups is because their choreography and dance formations are unique and like a work of art. If you think back to Wolf, within their choreography, they created trees, wolves, and caves to match the concept of the song. While Monster’s choreography doesn’t necessarily paint pictures of the song, it has some noteworthy and distinctive dance moves and formations that I haven’t seen before.

And can we also talk about Baekhyun’s piercings in Monster? I know they are fake but damn he looks so fine with them! It kind of makes me wish they were real loool.

I’m happy to see that EXO is still incorporating their superpowers into their MVs. Although, I must say there were questionable moments in the MV. Half way through the MV, everyone is frantically running to escape and then suddenly Suho stops to summon water. At this point, I was thinking oh he’s going to summon some water balls like he did in MAMA and then Xiumin is going to freeze them so the two can use them as projectiles. That seemed like a logical expectation right? Ha, nope. Apparently, Suho and Xiumin were thirsty. Naturally this means that Suho needs to summon water so the two can leisurely drink water in the middle of a hallway, while their bros are running and fighting for their lives. I laughed so hard again when Kai was confronted by the lady. Instead of teleporting or doing some other fancy shit, he was like hold up, I’m gonna promote Monster here and now. This is the part that I don’t understand and hopefully the fandom can come up with some explanation because it was just way too random.


I only recently realized that this guy had a new album out. And I only found out about this through Tao’s Instagram posts. Did no one hype him up or am I following the wrong sources of news? Anyways, within my circle of KPOP friends, apparently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know this. When I was out with my friend the other day, she asked me about what Tao was doing lately as she hasn’t seen him in the news. I told her that he released a new album and her reaction was literally like wait WTF? No you’re kidding right? Why haven’t I heard about it?? Sadly, I couldn’t give her a review of his album because I didn’t have a chance to listen to it (and I still haven’t heard it yet).

I’m not sure what I’m expecting from Tao’s new album. His previous album was alright and more than decent if it was compared to Luhan’s cringe-worthy album and Kris’ I-have-no-comment album. It could be a hit or miss for me, depending on the style of music Tao is pursuing in his new album.