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04 August 2016 @ 02:07 pm
catching up (part 2)  
Weekly Idol

This is one of the better Weekly Idol episodes. Beast has been on the show a number of times and this is an episode where the MCs made them work really hard. Poor Yoseobie. He got trolled so hard and didn’t get his gold bar XD. I hope his CEO will purchase one for him! The whisper challenge is an excellent segment. I still can’t believe Doojoon is able to get that last phrase. How does one even deduce “parallel transmission” meant “a bolt out of the blue”? Doojoon is amazing.

A special shout out to Little Miss Inspirit for fully subbing these two episodes!

Go Fridge

Jackson is doing really well, considering he is being casted in variety shows in Korea and China. I’m still trying to find time to watch his appearance on Real Man with BamBam. From the random clips that I saw on YouTube, the show seemed quite hilarious because Jackson and BamBam weren’t familiar with the military life and the formal expressions they used in the military. It was like watching Henry entering the military and getting trolled all over again. So Real Man is definitely something I’m aiming to watch in between watching the upcoming 2016 Olympics.

Personally, I really enjoyed these two episodes of Go Fridge because Gary and Song Jihyo were on it (Monday couple!). I’m always amazed at the delicious food that the chefs are able to make in fifteen minutes with the simple ingredients that can be found in an everyday person’s fridge. Man, whenever I watch these shows, I always question why I’m unable to cook like that.

You can watch the other episodes of season 2 Go Fridge on Jacksonwangbar on YouTube.