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13 November 2016 @ 06:53 pm
Got7 Fan meet in Vancouver  
Last Friday was another unforgettable day as I was fortunate enough to attend Got7’s fanmeet in Vancouver. There was so much regret back in April of this year because I couldn’t attend B.A.P’s concert. To this day, I still regret not going to see them live. I missed the perfect opportunity to see Daeface belting out high notes. What a tragedy. So this time around, when I heard that Got7 was coming to Canada, I knew I had to snatch up some tickets. The tickets weren’t exactly cheap and cost more than what I anticipated. I saw some people complaining about the tickets being as expensive as Big Bang’s concert tickets. But meh, it’s the price you have to pay for being an international fan. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to see a Kpop concert.

On the day of the fan meet, the weather cooperated. I believe I complained a bit about the rain and the long wait that I endured for EXO’s concert earlier this year. Thankfully this time it was cloudy and the temperature was mild and bearable. The wait overall wasn’t so bad. Fans were able to obtain banners courtesy of GOT7&CO. Thank you very much for the wonderful banners! The chibi drawing was amazing and kudos to the outstanding artist.

Shockingly, there were a lot of older fans who attended the show. I was astonished to see not only moms, but also entire families lining up. And man, they even bought VIP tickets! I saw a family consisting of a brother, sister, mom and dad in the VIP line. Damn ballers (jkjk). All jokes aside, I’m glad there were so many people there to support Got7.

Everyone was super hyped for the show and Got7 started off the fan meet with a couple of songs from their newest album. The MC was Terry. For those who don’t know him, Terry was actually also the MC for Day6 when they visited Toronto. He was great and his humour was on point.

After the intro songs was the Q&A session. One of the questions asked was, “Were there any interesting episodes that occurred during the filming of Hard Carry MV?” Jaebum told us about the ashes and dust they inhaled throughout the filming of one of scenes for the MV. Apparently they inhaled so much that their boogers turned black. Everyone was shocked when Jaebum made the discovery and started picking their nose too. While I know I should be worried for their health, I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the boys and staff just standing around picking their nose in the middle of a burning and blazing MV set.

Another question asked was about the members’ first impression of each other. Jinyoung talked about how he met Yugyeom when the latter was still in middle school. He thought Yugyeom was really tall and wondered what the heck was going on. Jaebum went on to talk about his impression of BamBam. The other members jumped in to make fun of BamBam’s height because he was so small back then (but damn look at him now). Youngjae mentioned his story of how he first met BamBam. BamBam wanted to mess around with Youngjae and prank him. So, he stripped off his clothes and stood behind a door waiting for Youngjae to come in. The first thing Youngjae ended up seeing was of course a very naked BamBam.

Fans also submitted a question regarding who Got7 would like to collaborate with in the future. BamBam without too much hesitation said Drake (and of course there was uproar from the audience). He then asked Yugyeom who he would like to collaborate with. Some fans shouted Chris Brown really loudly and Yugyeom became shy. BamBam being the mischievous one requested Yugyeom to send a message to Chris Brown. His message to Chris Brown was “Come on!”

Got7 also prepared two games. The first one was basically sticking your hand into boxes and guessing what was in them. The group split into Hyung team and Dongsaeng team. Hyung team consisted of Mark, Jaebum, Jinyoung and Jackson. Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom made up the Dongsaeng team. You can watch the entire segment in my fancam below.

The losing team’s punishment would be to upload an ugly selfie on to the individual member’s Instagram. Because of the potential cheating that went on during Hyung team’s turn, Mark suggested they collectively take a derpy picture. Beforehand, Jackson asked the fans to promise him that they won’t abandon the group after seeing their faces.

This was when the boys were practicing their faces to make sure they were adequately ugly.

Are you ready to see the final results?







The second game was charades. Seven lucky fans were randomly chosen by Got7 to participate in the game. Most of the fans chosen were the ones with the VIP and VVIP tickets. Among the seven fans, two were from elsewhere; one was from China and another was from New York. Obviously, the girls were ecstatic to be up there with Got7. The girl Jackson chose made the entire audience laugh when the first thing she said to Jackson was that she liked Jaebum.

When it was Mark and his partner’s turn, Jaebum was responsible for flipping the words. Everyone went Ehhhhhhh at him because he messed up and did a horrible job. The members probably thought he did it on purpose, but Jaebum claims he had very dry hands. Mark got his revenge when it was Jaebum and his partner’s turn. Youngjae was flipping the words but he deliberately tried to cover the Korean word so Jaebum would have a hard time acting out the word. In the end, Jinyoung and his partner won first place. The winning fan was able to take a Polaroid picture with all the members of Got7.

Got7 ended the show with a number of dance songs and showcased their synchronized dancing. Among the songs they performed was Hard Carry, which I absolutely loved. Seeing it live and in person definitely had a different feel.

Mark promised they would come back to Vancouver with a better stage and have a full concert. He wanted to be able to perform more than eight songs for the fans. Jackson also pinkie promised us that they would come back for a tour and said he had fun in Vancouver. He mentioned the members went shopping the day before on Robson Street (in downtown).

For the encore stage, fans sang happy birthday to Yugyeom (even though it was still a few days early) and someone gave a banner to him.

Throughout the fan meet, Jackson and BamBam spoke a lot in English. Even though BamBam wasn’t as fluent, he made a huge effort to speak to us in English. Surprisingly, Youngjae was super confident in his English abilities. I found it amusing and simultaneously grateful that he tried. I wish the other members talked more. Perhaps the reason they weren’t able to interact with us as much was because they didn’t have a translator to translate what the fans or the members that spoke English said in real time.